Karate3G Annual Subscriptions

122,50 EURO / Year

Boost your karate level with Karate3G

> You start in Karate where you want to discover Karate before going to a club ...
> You are Karateka but do not progress, or you want to progress faster ...

With the platform Karate3G, You will discover Karate in another dimension. You will become a player in your progression and you will boost your level in Karate. You will be able to work where you want and when you want ... You will become master of your training and your progress.

  • Learn to defend yourself and to feel better about yourself
  • Develop your body harmoniously
  • Save Time through more effective practice
  • Find flexibility you are missing
  • Find peace of mind through meditation

Immediate access to the Karate3G ™ member area
No commitment! You are free to stop your subscription at any time

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