Monthly Subscriptions Karate3G with Coaching

27,00 EURO / month

Let me guide you and boost your karate with Coaching-Karate3G ™

> Do you want tailor-made support for your Karate progression?

With Karate3G ™ Coaching I accompany you step by step in your progress in Karate. Day after day, I give you the training to carry out to take you at the top of your level. Karate3G ™ Coaching includes 6 16 Coaching Program weeks each of which is 96 weeks of workout!

You will be able to work where you want and when you want ... You will be free to follow my training program at your own pace. You stay in control of your training.

The Karate3G ™ Coaching subscription also includes immediate access to the entire Karate3G ™ platform

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