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Karate teacher since 15 years, I had the pleasure to teach hundreds of students from beginner to black belt ... and even beyond. I will be happy to teach you everything I know ... "

- Bruno Bandelier, 4ème dan, Professor of Karate DEJEPS

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Sylvain 37 years Rouen
Sylvain 37 years Rouen
Hello Bruno, Your initiative is very good. I recommend it to everyone.From my side, given that I am 1er dan, have daily e-mail alerts to always stay in touch with the karate environment and therefore not to lose motivation and envy To practice ... For example, often before going to train one does not want to go there ..
Johanne Soulard
Johanne SoulardBrown Belt, in St-Raymond, Quebec
Bruno Allo, Despite some differences in our styles (my style Yoseikan karate -do, I'm from Quebec, Canada), your method helped me a lot in my transition from my brown belt. I am now on my way to a new path: the black belt, where everything starts !!!!!!
Emanuel 44 ans a Dinan
Emanuel 44 ans a Dinan
Hello bruno, first of all a big thank you for your online courses of great quality and very friendly. I am 44 years old and I started only a year ago. Looking for a complete physical job and I am satisfied with my choice. I practice with two excellent teachers but we can only do one session per week so I'm happy to find real tips at home with your videos. You do an amazing job in front of your camera and I wanted to tell you. Good luck!
Isabelle Barou
Isabelle BarouSubscriber Karate3G, Yellow Belt in Montbrison (42)
Bruno, I am absolutely delighted to have these very precise videos on the techniques because in the dojo the explanations are rather vague. These videos are absolutely essential for me. I am 50 years old and I have just got my yellow belt thanks to them, and I am very proud of it. I still hope to improve with Karate3G. Thank you for all this passionate work.
Eric Maurer
Eric Maurerin Boussieres sur Sambre (59)
I will have 63 years this year, 2 years ago [...] I had a heart attack. After being well cared for, my doctor directed me to an association "Sport, Health, Sambre Avesnois" which is given as a goal to help people suffering from chronic diseases [...] That's how I discovered the karate club of Maubeuge [...] From there, I had the chance to fall on your site. I really had a great idea because the 3G method helps me a lot in my progress, I can review what I saw in club, look back or take a little advance with lots of advice and sometimes tips that make me never hurt myself "despite my age" [...] I must also clarify that since I do karate my health is much improved to the astonishment of my doctors.
Florent, 21 years, Mantes the pretty
Florent, 21 years, Mantes the prettyBlack Belt - 1er dan
Hello Bruno,
It is true that we can never say it enough, thank you again and again for this immense work that you propose to us. It must take a considerable amount of time but it's not a waste of time.
In any case for my part I make sure to respect your work and it is with good heart that I am all your advice, tips and more. [..] Today I work and perfect my karate in order to get my 2e dan.
The rank is not for me in itself a goal but it sets me a goal to achieve and it helps the motivation I imagine.
I thank you again and in the greatest respect!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this site that I hardly discover and that seems to be a real gold mine for those - apparently many - who, like me practice a lot at home!
Jorge Padros
Jorge Padros Green Belt in Rennes (35)
Hello BrunoI will say that your method is very useful to me. I've been learning karate for almost two years and if I now have the green belt it's largely thanks to your videos and your simple explanations and benevolent that allow me to work at my own pace, to repeat at home what I did not hold well in training with my teacher.Thank you again for your site Karate3g and for your method ...
Nicolas Roy, subscribe Karate3G
Nicolas Roy, subscribe Karate3G
Hello Bruno, My name is Nicholas. I live in Canada and more specifically, I am from Quebec City. I am registered with the Karate3G method and I am very satisfied. I practice since 6 months Karate Shorin-ryu Karate Sports. Nicolas Roy
Christian - 40 ans - 5ème dan
Christian - 40 ans - 5ème dan
I came across your site really by chance, and took a quick look at its content.Praying since 40 years (5è dan) I say 'hat' for your investment! Your site is great, excellent explanations and quality demos. is certain that you must make the happiness of many people. When I have a little more time, I will make a more in-depth excursion. Congratulations, and wish a long life to your site.
Emilien Sauj
Emilien Sauj73 years old, in OLLIOULES (83)
Hello Bruno.All I can tell you is that I am very satisfied with your courses and it helps me a lot. I did not know anything about karate before and I do not regret my purchase. I started in September, so you see ... I make my first 4 kata without a problem, from Taikyoku Shodan to Heian Shodan. I'm starting Heian Nidan who seems a bit harder but I'm going to get there. I do not master defense techniques too well, including Shuto Uke. But it's true you have to repeat it all the time to make it second nature. Nothing is insurmountable from the moment we have the will. [...] Well, you know a lot about me and once again thank you for your videos. Emilien
NatalieYellow Belt - Subscriber at Karate3G
"I find it handy to take the videos with me on a tablet, including the kata, even without the need for connection.Preparing my orange belt and having started last September, these videos are a big plus to deepen all the little ones details, find tips, study the decomposition of each movement, things that we do not necessarily have the time to see the Dojo.These videos are for me an essential complement to the group training.Thank you very much for the efforts you provide to share your passion and help us!
Dylan, 11 years old - Kernevel (29)
Dylan, 11 years old - Kernevel (29)
Hi Bruno,
With my dad we look at your lessons that brings me a lot. I go to classes on Tuesday and Thursday night more about me and I see the difference I progress more and get to do my katas without much difficulty. Of course it's not perfect yet but I'll get there!
Thank you!
Willi Fishbach
Willi FishbachPhysiotherapist, in Bertrange in Luxembourg
Hello Bruno, I wanted to start karate at a local club but my schedules are incompatible [...] I then fell on your site in order to learn the basic techniques and the first kata. I find that the technical details of the different gestures and sequences are very well explained. I appreciate the progressiveness and authenticity of the video demonstrations. I really appreciate your approach encouraging the practice of kata as a real fighting situation [..] I noticed that my regular practice of kata strengthened my self-confidence and helped me to be quicker to react in situations of everyday life when it comes to making important decisions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience.
Gilbert - 58 years old
Gilbert - 58 years old
Hello Bruno.Being a beginner in karate at the age of 58 years I thank you for all the advice you give on the positions, Katas and preliminary warm-ups that are very important for people like me who resume a physical activity that has been interrupted for a long time.Good continuation!
Jacques, 67 years old
Jacques, 67 years oldSubscriber to Karate3G
Your platform is a very interesting teaching tool because not only it allows new ones to progress quickly thanks to your pedagogy but, those who stopped karate for several years and who wish to resume will find on your platform the desire to restart without the Anxiety of the past time.This which seems to me very interesting in your courses and the platform is the possible opening for the seniors [...] Thanks to you I resumed the karate at the age of 67 years and I prepare my black belt.Thanks Bruno and I can only encourage you in your course of valorization of karate!

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