Karate3G Green Karate Belt Goal Pack

37,00 EURO

You want to get Green belt?

With the Karate3G ™ Lens Pack: green Karate beltyou will progress quickly to your Karate green belt. You can work where you want and when you want ... You will be master of your training.

  • Unlimited and immediate access to the Karate3G ™ member area
  • 30 Karate course in HD video (Streaming and download)
  • Compatibility total PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Android, ...
  • Numerous PDF booklets accompanying
  • Training "The Karate3G ™ method" composed of 5 modules
  • More 3 fitness trainings offered
    1. The art of warm-ups
    2. The art of stretching
    3. Muculation in Karate
  • + in Bonus : The art of meditation

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